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8 Real Estate Investment Strategies to Consider in 2023


December 20, 2022

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For centuries, real estate investing has been a reliable path to financial stability and wealth creation.

According to recent data, 90% of the world’s millennials invest in real estate, and the real estate industry is estimated to be worth USD 5.85 trillion by 2030.

Real estate continues to be a popular option among investors because it’s one of the few asset classes that reward long-term investment and allows you to enjoy the benefits of both capital gains and rental income.

But like any other investment, real estate requires a well-thought-out strategy and careful planning before investing.

In this article, we’ll discuss eight valuable strategies for real estate investing in 2023 that should help you maximize your returns and grow your wealth. We'll also discuss the pros of each strategy so that you can make an informed decision before investing.

Real Estate Investment Strategies in 2023: 8 Best Strategies

Real estate, like any other asset, requires a strategic approach to succeed. Here are eight valuable real estate investment strategies you can apply in 2023:

Investing in Single-Family Rental (SFR) Properties

Single-family rental (SFR) properties are a great way to diversify your portfolio and start investing in real estate. SFRs offer long-term, steady cash flow and can be purchased at a lower price than multi-unit buildings. 

When investing in SFRs, you should consider location, property condition, and rental demand. If you want to reduce property investment risk, we recommend registering as an accredited investor. You can check out our guide on accredited investor; definition and how to become one, for more information. 

Fix-and-Flip Strategy

The fix-and-flip strategy is an effective real estate investment strategy for 2023. This strategy involves purchasing a property needing renovations and repairs, executing the necessary upgrades, and selling it for a profit. 

This strategy is ideal for those with a keen eye for design, an understanding of the market, and access to capital. Remember that renovating property takes time, so you must factor this into your timelines and budget.

House Hacking

House hacking is an innovative and increasingly popular real estate investment strategy that involves purchasing multi-unit property to generate income. This is a great way to reduce or eliminate your housing costs while building wealth. 

You can list your property on Airbnb to attract short-term renters and maximize returns. We recommend checking out the complete guide on Airbnb hosting. Short-term rental strategies can be profitable, but you go through the beginners guide to the rental market to understand the nuances involved.

Tiny Home Short-Term Rentals

Tiny home short-term rentals are becoming a viable real estate investment strategy for those who want to earn passive income. This involves buying land, building a tiny home, and selling or renting it out. 

Many real estate investors consider this strategy because tiny homes offer attractive rental rates and often require minimal repairs. They’re also easier to manage in terms of taxes, insurance, and maintenance.


The BRRRR method, or Buy-Remodel-Rent-Refinance-Repeat, is another popular real estate investment strategy that can help you build wealth quickly. This involves purchasing a property, renovating it, renting it out, refinancing the loan to get cash back, and repeating the process. 

This strategy allows real estate investors to use the equity they build up in their properties to reinvest in more properties and make additional profits. The method targets distressed properties, which tend to be less expensive and offer higher returns.

real estate investment strategies for 2023


Wholesaling is when real estate investors purchase properties for a discounted price and then resell them for a profit. This strategy works best in markets with a large inventory of discounted properties. 

The primary skills you need to be successful in wholesaling are marketing, negotiation, and networking. Wholesalers also need to have access to capital to purchase properties.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

What's a real estate investment trust REIT?

A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a company that acts like mutual funds for investors. REITs allow investors to invest in real estate assets without owning property. This strategy provides access to real estate properties, such as office buildings, shopping malls, and apartment complexes. 

Investors can buy shares in a REIT and benefit from the income generated by the trust's investments. REITs offer an attractive way to diversify your portfolio and gain exposure to real estate without the hassle of owning physical property.

Real Estate Investment Groups (REIGs)

Real estate investment groups (REIGs) are a relatively new type of real estate investment. A REIGs is a group of private investors who invest in real estate properties collectively. These investment groups are formed to pool capital, reduce risk, and spread the workload of managing real estate investments among its members. 

This strategy is attractive to those who don’t have the capital or experience necessary to invest in real estate on their own. If you're considering this option, make sure you do your due diligence to ensure that the group is legitimate and has a good track record.

Key Takeaways

Buying and owning real estate is an investment strategy that can yield excellent returns if done correctly. Unlike stocks and bonds, real estate can offer tangible returns, such as rental income and appreciation.

There are multiple real estate investment strategies available to real estate investors, including:

  • Single-Family Rental Properties are relatively low-cost investments that can generate steady rental income.
  • Fix-and-Flip Properties involves buying, renovating, and reselling a property for a profit.
  • House Hacking involves buying property and renting parts of it.
  • Tiny Home Short-Term Rentals, which involve building and renting out tiny homes for a profit;
  • BRRRR, or Buy-Remodel-Rent-Refinance-Repeat, involves purchasing properties, renovating them, and renting them out.
  • Wholesaling involves purchasing properties at a discount and reselling them for a profit.
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) allow investors to invest in real estate assets without owning any physical property.
  • Real Estate Investment Groups (REIGs) are groups of private investors who invest in real estate collectively.

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