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“Getaway launches a way for you to enjoy, and own, vacation homes”

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“Get ready for Getaway: Real estate investing you can actually enjoy”


"Getaway launches a way for you to own, and enjoy vacation rentals"

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Dive into the world of real estate investing (and make a splash). Diversification has never been so fun.


Invest in a slice of premier vacation rentals in locations you believe in


Sit back and earn your portion of rental income every quarter, then make even more when we sell the property in 5-10 years.1


Vacation like a VIP at any Getaway property, with members-only rates and trip amenities.2


Our goal is to make real estate hassle free. No paperwork, no landlord duties, no down payments – leave it all to us.

1 The determination of whether to sell a property is entirely at the discretion of Getaway Collection LLC
2 Learn More. Information regarding membership program included in Offering Circular.


Earn rental cash flow and appreciation from high-yielding vacation rentals

Save up to $5,100 each year by vacationing in Getaway homes

Learn More. Information regarding membership program included in Offering Circular

Don't just take our word for it

Amazing home. The pool and backyard was perfect . . . This home is perfect getaway and close to old town for good eateries, bars and shopping.
A gorgeous house super close to Old Town Scottsdale . . . Loved relaxing in the backyard. 10/10 theme, 10/10 amenities, 10/10 stay. Would recommend!
Great location with a wonderful backyard! The house was very well decorated, and the host was helpful with information about the stay.

The home is incredibly cute, with Miami art, cute furniture, and several beds . . . Loved every moment of staying here and will be interested in returning the next time I am in Miami.
Awesome clean home, and the location is near everything . . . would definitely stay again in the future.


The house is decorated beautifully and fun. We had a a staycation and really enjoyed our time.

location, location, location

Getaway properties purchased, furnished, and managed for a magical guest experience


From luxury oceanfront escapes to soaring high-rise views, find the Getaway that’s right for you and your goals

How it works

We've set up the process to maximize your investment returns while giving you complete peace of mind. Who knew investing in real estate could be...relaxing?

We identify and buy the property

High-potential homes in hot markets, evaluated by our real estate team

We renovate and get it rent-ready

We upgrade and optimize the property, where needed, to maximize your potential rental income

You invest in the properties you love

Choose an amount to invest, from $100 to $50k+ in the properties you love

We manage and take care of it

We manage and operate the property to maximize your potential rental income

You get rental income

Get your portion of potential rental income generated by the properties you invested in1

You can vacation in any Getaway

Flex your membership benefits every time you vacay, with members-only rates at any Getaway property2

1 Dividends are issued at the discretion of Getaway Collection LLC. Refer to Offering Circular for more info.
Learn More. Information regarding membership program included in Offering Circular


Browse Getaway properties purchased, renovated, and managed by an expert team

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Real estate can provide a potential hedge to inflation

U.S. property prices and income have historically outpaced inflation, making real estate an attractive investment option.
Real Estate Income and Inflation | Indexed, 1996 = 100

Rent growth is represented by real estate net operating income; NCREIF; inflation; Moody's Analytics; 01 Jan - 31 Dec 2021 (based on most recent data available). Past performance is not indicative of future results. It is not possible to invest directly in an index.

GETAWAY membership

Our membership tiers are designed to delight, no matter how much you invest. Welcome to the club.

Silver Tier

$100 - $999 INVESTED
$600 Cash Value
  • Book Getaway stays through our members-only platform
  • Be the first to hear about new promotions and properties

Gold Tier

$1,000 - $4,999 INVESTED
$1,300 Cash Value
  • Everything in the Silver Tier
  • 10% off all Getaway stays (max. 14 nights per year)
  • 12 month early booking access

Platinum Tier

$5,000 - $9,999 INVESTED
$2,000 Cash Value
  • Everything in the Silver Tier
  • 20% off all Getaway stays (max. 21 nights per year)
  • 18 month early booking access

Diamond Tier

$10,000+ INVESTED
$2,700 Cash Value
  • Everything in the Silver Tier
  • 30% off all Getaway stays (max. 30 nights per year)
  • 24 month early booking access

Learn More. Information regarding membership program included in Offering Circular

real estate investing, designed for you

Start building wealth with one of the most powerful asset classes around


potential revenue VS. LONG TERM RENTALS 1


TARGET cash yield 2



1 Based on $4,666 average monthly revenue for a full-time vacation rental according to AirDNA and $2,031 average monthly income in July 2022 for a rental home according to Zillow Data

2 Cash Yield is defined as annual rental dividend. Properties are underwritten based on comparable performance. Past performance does not get guarantee future performance. We cannot guarantee any investor will earn any passive income. Getaway cannot guarantee any return on investment. Like any investment, an investment with Getaway entails the risk of loss of some or all of one’s invested capital.

3 U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey / Housing Vacancy Survey, March 2021

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