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What is an Airbnb Welcome Book? Improving Airbnb Reviews


November 6, 2022

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When you are an Airbnb host, you want your guests to have a good experience on your property. One of the ways to do that is with an Airbnb welcome book, sometimes called the Airbnb house manual. The Airbnb welcome book is more than just some basic information on the house; it is a great way for you to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable at your property. While it includes important things about the house, like the WiFi password, you can also include suggestions for the best places for your guests to see and do in your city, giving them a fantastic experience. Every great Airbnb host puts together an excellent welcome book, so don't miss out. Here we will go over everything you need to know about Airbnb welcome books.

Why do I need an Airbnb welcome book?

The Airbnb welcome book is much more than just a small welcome guide. People who stay in an Airbnb want a more customized experience than those who stay in hotels, and the welcome book is one of the great extras you can include to give them the experience they are looking for.

Sets the Stage for a Good Trip

Vacation planning takes a lot of effort for your guests, and a well-made welcome book can show them that they chose the right Airbnb rental by picking yours. This can help set their vacation off on the right foot.

Introduces Guests to the Area

Unless your guests have vacationed in the area before, they are probably pretty new to it and might not know everything your city has to offer. You can use your welcome book to introduce them to your area and show them everything that it has to offer, including restaurants and attractions. This may give them insights into some things in the area that they did not find when planning their trip.

Encourages Guests to Care for Your Home

By taking the time to put this guide together for your guests, you are showing how much you care about their stay. It will also humanize the owner of the Airbnb, making them see you as a real person instead of a faceless renter like they might view hotel staff. This means that they are more likely to take care of your property.

How to Make Your Airbnb Welcome Book Stand Out

You want your guests to find your Airbnb welcome book quickly. If it is not in an obvious place or is not visually striking enough for them to spot it, they might not find it, or they might not bother looking at it. Make sure you give it a personal touch so it looks like there is a human behind it.


What is something that would catch your eye and you would be interested in flipping through? Keep that question at the top of your mind while designing your welcome book. You do not want one that is bland, ugly, tacky, or overly flashy. If the book is basic, they may assume there is nothing interesting in it. If your welcome book is too flashy or looks tacky, they may believe it is nothing but ads and ignore it.

You want your welcome book to have attractive photos and graphics, legible font, and it needs to look like a cohesive design. It should be cohesive with the house, but not so much so that it blends into the background. You need to balance with everything else and stand out to catch your guests' attention quickly. For example, if the place you are planning to display the welcome book somewhere with dark furniture or counters, make it in a lighter color so it grabs attention.

Organize in order of importance

You should organize the welcome book by order of importance, or at least what you think they will find to be the most important. Plan out everything you are putting in the book in advance and rank it by order of importance. You can ask your friends and family to rank everything based on what is most important to them to help you determine the order.

Make it interactive

If you have a digital welcome book, it is easy to make it interactive. Paper ones are harder to do this on, but you can do it. Add fun checklists, a section for notes, and vacation bucket list items that they can check off while in your area. This can also help you show that you care about their personal experience, and this is not something generic.

What to Include in an Airbnb Welcome Book

Welcome information

The first thing your guests should see when they open your welcome book is you greeting them. You can leave a short and simple note just welcoming them to the property and letting them know that this is your guide to the property and area.

You can also include your WiFi password and how to log into it, any other codes or passwords they may need, your contact information, and your COVID cleaning initiatives in the welcome book. If you have a Smart TV, include notes on how to use it. These are the things they may need right away, so putting it on page one is a good idea.

If you leave personal touches in your Airbnb, like fresh cookies for your guests, you can include that in your welcome note. You might have vouchers or coupons for local things, which can be included here or with the restaurant or activity later in the guide.

Checking in and out

If you send your guests a digital copy of the welcome book, you should also include how to check in, along with where and when they should.

You should also include any parking information. If you have a garage, tell them the code to open it, if there is one, or where the clicker or key is to open and close it. If you have designated parking spots, tell them where they are and include a photo of the parking spot so they can find it.

Include in the welcome book any specific checkout protocols they need to know. This will make it easier for them to check out when their stay is over. Include in the checkout instructions a note thanking them for their stay and asking them to leave a review.

Activities Guide

Now for the fun part, the activities guide. List any fun attractions in your area that they might enjoy. Any museums, amusement parks, good hiking trails, zoos, and more that are in your area. Take the time to include what age groups are appropriate for each activity. For example, you may suggest an activity that is not fun when you have a toddler with you, so leave a comment with that.

Around Town Information

Are there any fun things in your area beyond attractions? Include those in your guide. For example, a weekly farmer's market, information on the local theatre, festivals, and even great places to take vacation photos.

Your Guide to Food and Drinks

Your guests will want to know where the best restaurants are in your area. Take the time to organize restaurants based on cuisine, listing their ratings, price point, and if they are kid-friendly or more fine dining.

About the Property

This is where you tell your guests everything about your property. You should include:

  • WiFi password
  • How to use your HVAC system
  • How to operate your appliances
  • Any streaming services you offer
  • Information on your laundry
  • If you have equipment for certain activities, like pool toys and beach umbrellas, where those are
  • Any information on a pool
  • A brief room-by-room guide so they know where everything is in each room.

House rules

You probably have certain rules that you want your guests to follow, and this is the place to put them. These may include if they can smoke in the house, quiet hours, rules about pets, and more.

How to Give Your Welcome Book to Airbnb Guests

Now that your Airbnb welcome book is put together, you need to decide how you want to give it to your guests. You can email them a digital copy, hand it to them when they pick up the keys to the rental, or leave it in the house for them to find when they arrive. You can also send them the book and leave a physical copy, so they can reference the book on their phones when they are out and about during the day.


Everything is going digital these days, so giving your guests your welcome book in digital format can be a helpful idea. They will have it easily accessible throughout the trip and do not have to worry about losing it. You also will not have to find a spot to leave it in the house since they will have a digital copy.

A digital copy of the book is also cheaper for you, especially since it means you will not have to replace damaged pages between guests.

You have a lot of creative freedom doing this digitally; you can add beautiful visual designs with Canva and even add TINE videos to explain things to your guests. You can include a QR code in a printed book that they can scan to view it.


Having a printed welcome book can make the experience feel a lot more personal than just emailing the book to them. A printed welcome book is an excellent personal touch if your booking process is mostly hands-off and automated.

Final Thoughts

If you are running an Airbnb property, including your welcome book is a great way to show your guests that you care. It allows you to build a better relationship with your guests that might make them return guests in the future. By providing all of the necessary information to them initially, they might not need to reach out to you with questions during their stay. This will help your property attract more guests because it shows you care. 

Your welcome book is just one of many tools that will reduce the number of questions and concerns your guests may have. You can learn more about how to manage your Airbnb remotely with our guide.

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